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In 1843, some members withdrew from Westgate Chapel in Bradford and began to meet, first in member's homes and then in a room in Cropper Lane.  The church was established by John Kershaw of Rochdale, and in 1844 three cottages were built in Westgate, with a room for worship over them.  As early as November 1843 'Gadsbys Hymns' had been brought into use, which is still used today.  In 1864, the congregation moved to a former Presbyterian chapel in Darfield Street, where they remained until 1987, when the present chapel (previously an Exclusive Brethren Meeting Room) on the corner of Allerton Road and Squire Lane, was purchased.


Pastors of the Church have been:

Mr W Vaughan 1860-1887

Mr J Booth 1898-1928

Mr G Vaughan 1946-1951

Mr B Walshaw 1954-1984



After the death of Mr Walshaw in 1984, Prayer Meetings were held for a new Pastor but no appointment was made.

By the year 2000, the congregation was in a very reduced state but the ministry continued under many faithful itinerant ministers, both from the local area and further afield. On the occasions when a minister was not available, a 'Reading Service' was held.

In 2011, Mr Kevin Price was asked to take the oversight of the congregation as 'interim minister' and this is the ministry that continues today. Kevin had preached for us for several years before this date and the opportunity arose for him to join us on a regular basis.

He also has the oversight of a similar congregation in the south of England and so we continue to be grateful to other ministers for covering occasional services when he is away.


He is also a member of the Strict Baptist Historical Society committee.


However, we do still pray for the settlement of a suitable under-shepherd to be appointed in the Lord's time.








To read more about the last Pastor, Mr B Walshaw then please

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Zoar Particular Baptist Chapel Bradford

(Established 1843)

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